Vítor V. Vasconcelos

After completing his undergraduate studies in Physics, Vitor did his MSc studies at the University of Lisbon under the supervision of Francisco and Jorge. He continued his PhD studies at ATP-group and GAIPS/INESC-ID, defendeding his PhD thesis in 2017 (U. Minho).
Next step: Post-Doc at Levin Lab, Princeton University with Simon A. Levin.

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email: vvvasconcelos [at] gmail.com

Flávio L. Pinheiro

Flávio was a MSc (U. Lisbon) and Phd Student (U. Minho) in Physics at the ATP-Group and GAIPS/INESC-ID, working on complex networks and collective dynamics, defending his PhD thesis in 2016. Supervisors: Jorge M. Pacheco & Francisco C. Santos.
Next step: Post-Doc at MIT Media Lab with César Hidalgo.

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email: flavio.lpp [at] gmail.com

Pedro Neves

former post-doc at the ATP-Group.

email: pnbneves [at] gmail.com

Marcos Gaudiano

former post-doc at the ATP-Group.

email: marcosgaudiano [at] gmail.com

Marta D. Santos

Marta joined the ATP-Group in 2008 as a PhD student of Jorge M. Pacheco, studying the role of population structure in public goods games.
She concluded her PhD in Nov/2012.
Next step: Post-Doc at I3N-Aveiro (José F. Mendes & Sergei Dogorovtsev)

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email: scully402 [at] gmail.com

Jeromos Vukov

Jeromos took a Post-Doc at the ATP-Group, after concluding his PhD at the prestigious group of Complex Systems in Budapest, part of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
Now back to Budapest, he will surely continue doing rocket science.

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email: jvukov [at] gmail.com

Ana Sofia Ribeiro

While a PhD student of History at the University of Porto, she joined ATP group as a research scholar, studying the complex trading networks of the first global age.
Now a Post-Doc researcher at CIDEHUS, she continues to collaborate with ATP in the description of historical events of trade and cooperation making use of network science.


email: asvribeiro [at] gmail.com

André Almeida

After studying Anthropology in the UK, André joined ATP as a research scholar to study spite in Humans, proceeding to study the role of memory in group cooperation.

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email: andre.f.a.almeida [at] gmail.com

Carlos Loia Reis

ex-PhD. student on nano-scale systems at the ATP-Group in Lisbon under the supervision of Jorge M. Pacheco.
Next step: Post-Doc at INESC-MN (José Luís Martins)

email: carlos.loia.reis [at] gmail.com

João Moreira

ex-Master student in Non-Linear and Statistical Physics at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, under the supervision of Jorge M. Pacheco & Francisco C. Santos.
Next step: PhD student under the supervision of Luis Amaral at NorthWestern University, USA

email: braelok [at] gmail.com

Andreia Mordido

Master student in Applied Mathematics at the Universidade Técnica de Lisboa with a graduation in Mathematics from Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

email: andreia.mordido [at] gmail.com

Francisco Pipa

Master student in Cognitive Sciences at the University of Lisbon with a graduation in Sociology.
supervisor: Francisco C. Santos.

email: aiprah [at] gmail.com

Diogo Peixoto

While a Master Student, he obtained a Startup Research Scholarship to work on "cell competition and cooperation and their impact on the somatic evolution of cancer", at the ATP-Group in Lisbon (2008-2009), under the supervision of Jorge M. Pacheco, in collaboration with Tom Lenaerts & David Dingli.
Next step: PhD student of Neuroscience at Stanford, part of the Champalimaud's Neuroscience program

email: diogo.rp5 [at] gmail.com

Paulo J. Pereira

Graduate student in Computational Physics & nano-scale systems (2005), working on the development of a new paradigm for ab-initio nano-scale design of complex-systems;
Next Step: Ph.D. fellow at INPAC-Institute for Nanoscale Physics and Chemistry, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

João F. Rodrigues

Graduate Student in Computational Physics & Post-Graduate student in complex-systems (2004-2005). Research on the evolution of networks of contacts in populations which optimize cooperation.
Next step : Ph.D. fellow at Univ. of Zurich, Switzerland, with Andreas Wagner.

Francisco C. Santos

Graduate Student in Computational Physics & Post-Graduate student in complex-systems (2004-2005). Research on the evolution of cooperation on populations mapped onto graphs.
Next step : Ph.D. at IRIDIA, Brussels, with Hugues Bersini, Tom Lenaerts & J.M. Pacheco

Gueorgui K. Gueorguiev

Ph.D. student on nano-scale systems(1999-2003); Thesis title: "Structural and Electronic Properties of Organic and Organo-Metallic Clusters " Classification : excellent
Next step : Post-Doc at Lynköpping University, Sweden.

Paulo Alexandre Paiva Andrade

M.Sc student on nano-scale systems(1999-2000); Thesis title: " Structural and Electronic Properties of Nickel Clusters in a Tight-Binding Formulation " Classification : excellent
Next step : working as Lab Assistant at the Electronic Engineering Department of the University of Porto.

Mário Bacelar Valente

M.Sc student on nano-scale systems (1999-2000); Thesis title: "Structural Optimization of Lithium Clusters in the context of a new Tight Binding Parametrization " Classification : excellent
Next step : Ph.D. fellow at the Fritz-Haber Institut der MPG in Berlin with W. P. Ekardt, studying many-body processes in noble metals.